„Future Project Earth“ – A Congress of „GeoUnion“

October, 18th and 19th I had the pleasure to participate at the congress „Future Project Earth“ organized by GeoUnion. Scientists of various fields of earth sciences talked about the situation of our planet. For me as an interested but ordinary person it was a great overview regarding the actual state of earth, the challenges we face and the oppurtunities we have – to cope with an earth, which is changing rapidly.


Reports were monitoring changes concerning athmosphere, water and land, population growth, limits of resources and as result: the increasing vulnerability of humankind.


One of the main messages for me was: The „system earth“ develops into a „system human earth“ due to a researcher from GFZ, since „the traces of humankind are so deeply written into the earth that future researchers should know about the existence of humankind on this planet to understand its drastic changes during one period.“ (free quote).


Another message was: Humankind is not running into a catastrophy, but into a period in which enviromental changes accelerate and unreversable tresholds of nature developments can be passed. It is in our own interest to find ways to deal with the situation.


 Film: Black Smokers – Ore Factories of the Deep Ocean (language: German)