Where does Society go?

Who will be the main target group(s) for e-bikes and pedelecs in ten years? To answer this question profoundly I checked out developments of environment, society and mobility. Scenarios of various organizations offer a wide spread range of future options. They ask all the same questions: How will humankind respond to the challenges, which are waiting? Are we capable to see a responsibility for our future on this planet?

The „GEO 4 Report“ of United Nations is an overview over important environmental changes between 1987 and 2007. Four scenarios up to 2050 were developed on a large data base and its conclusions.



The „Climate Futures“ of the Forum for the Future in collaboration with HP created five scenarios up to 2030. Fascinating were time lines with key events for each scenario.


Since the scenarios were envisioned before the financial crisis in Europe, Fukushima and the Rio+20 Summit it was interesting to compare them with the present situation.