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Connected Mobility: EU-Richtlinie zum Handling von Personendaten in AVs

Bis zum 1.Mai bestand die Möglichkeit dem EU-Datenschutzausschuss öffentliches Feedback zur Datenschutzrichtlinie zur Prozessierung persönlicher Daten in AVs zu geben. Es ging sowohl um vernetzte Fahrzeuge, als auch um mobilitätsbezogene Anwendungen. Seit Jahren wird daran gearbeitet, nun ist es so weit: der rechtliche Rahmen kommt.

Eurobike 2012 – Daily Business?

Known and unknown manufacturers presented their announced news. New Companies like Momentum from Great Briten joined the old bulls. A lot of the news is already pubblished in the relevant media, missing themes will follow in the forthcoming days. My question of interest was:Does the market explode in reality? My personal impression is: no, not […]

Drive Developments

Another fascinating field are the drive developments. A variety of motor prototypes elated the prime enthusiasts but they disappeared in a garage before even reaching the pre-series. In Germany Heinzmann was quite successful with motors developed specially for pedelecs. Other companies bought motors for the series in Asia or / and used them for purposes […]