: project : blog Eckpfeiler des geplanten Projekts: digital, nachhaltig und human // Fahrzeug: zirkulär nutzbar oder recyclefähig, Connectivity: open source und langfristig updatebar, Finanzierung: gemeinwohlorientiert // Projektkonzeption: J. Tiffe Concept // Grafics: J. Tiffe  CC BY-NC-SA

Dieser Blog ist Teil des Projekts „“. Das beschäftigt sich mit der spannenden Frage: Ist es möglich mit Hilfe unserer aktuellen Technologien E-Bikes umweltschonend zu entwickeln, zu produzieren und zu entsorgen? Wie sieht ein digitales faires Open Source Fahrzeug aus? Wie wirken sich diese Vorgaben auf sein Design und seine Konnektivität aus? Hier schreibe ich über interessante Rechercheergebnisse und spannende Themen, die mir auf dem Weg begegnen, z.B. Open Source, IoT, 3D-Druck…Mehr…

E-Bike, kommunikativ – Ein Mobilitätszenario für 2023

e-Bike: image for a mobility-scenario for 2023, showing part of an e-bike in front of handscribbled trees and houses, patched in a photoshop collage - copyright by form:f
Berlin 2023
Cornelia K. ist in Hektik. Sie schmeißt Smartpad und alles, was sie sonst noch braucht in ihren Rucksack und schwingt sich auf`s neue E-Bike – mal wieder eine kurzfristige Deadline – Termin von ihrer Chefin. Da lässt sich nur hoffen, dass der Verkehr mitspielt. Sie düst mit 45km/h los. Ab und zu kommen ihr E-Fahrzeuge entgegen. Cornelia freut sich, dass in den letzten Jahren doch Positives passiert ist und die Stadt ein bisschen leiser geworden ist. More…

Bauhaus Dessau – Brauhaus oder Krise als Chance?

Das Bauhaus Dessau sagt das Konzert von Feine Sahne Fischfilet ab. Was nun folgt, ist beeindruckend:

Bauhaus Dessau - Brauhaus oder Krise als Chance Teil 01: the artwork shows the mainbuiling of the Bauhaus in Dessaus and Building at Gropiusallee for the workers of Junkers. in the middle is an image of Forum of the Future which envisions a redirecting of society - copyright form:fDas alles macht Hoffnung und daher ließe sich sagen: Ende gut, alles gut. Aber so ist es nicht. More…

IoT – Na, dann mal los!

Seit zwei Tagen beschäftige ich mich wieder mit dem Thema Digitalisierung. Es endete, wie es gerade öfter mal endet: mit einer Gefühlsmischung aus Hilflosigkeit, Ohnmacht, Wut und Faszination. IoT - Na dann mal los!: Call to Action and Links concerning IoT - The image shows a collage: a Noodle dish overwriten by the words: No Go - copyright by
Da diese Mischung natürlich ziemlich beunruhigend und das Internet „abmurksen“ keine Lösung ist, stand ich wie üblich vor der Frage: wie sich verhalten zu dem Thema? More…

Where does Mobility go?

Where does Mobility go? Presence of Nature Events„If we look into the future it is not evident today in which direction things will go. We are near to a so called tipping point. The ball can fall left or right. The future of humankind can be somehow or other….and it is not the traffic, that determines which…(future) option will arise, but the options will determine, how traffic and mobility behaviour will look like.“ (free quote, Prof. Dr. Dr. Radermacher, 9.Friedrich-List-Symposium)

Having this in mind I checked various factors: the mobility behavior of the nowerdays young generation, the expected demografic change, the development of urban structures, the development of work structures and the upcoming nature events. (slides language: German). More…

Where does Society go?

Who will be the main target group(s) for e-bikes and pedelecs in ten years? To answer this question profoundly I checked out developments of environment, society and mobility. Scenarios of various organizations offer a wide spread range of future options. They ask all the same questions: How will humankind respond to the challenges, which are waiting? Are we capable to see a responsibility for our future on this planet? More…

„Future Project Earth“ – A Congress of „GeoUnion“

October, 18th and 19th I had the pleasure to participate at the congress „Future Project Earth“ organized by GeoUnion. Scientists of various fields of earth sciences talked about the situation of our planet. For me as an interested but ordinary person it was a great overview regarding the actual state of earth, the challenges we face and the oppurtunities we have – to cope with an earth, which is changing rapidly.


Reports were monitoring changes concerning athmosphere, water and land, population growth, limits of resources and as result: the increasing vulnerability of humankind. More…

Integrative Drive Systems – A Comment to a Mail

It is great to get comments on my posts. Lately I got one via mail, which was very interesting, since it concerned one of the most intrigering drive systems: the NexxtDrive drive. I got a link to the Zemo-project from ZEG (pdf / language: german). Already in 2008 ZEG thought about checking out the NexxtDrive system. In the end they decided against it in favour for the Bosch system. The decision was based on a study, which claimed that the NexxtDrive system will never work properly. During my latest research I checked out a patent from F. Moeller for NexxtDrive from 2010 . The resulting drive system seems to be a very comfortable drive which integrates electric and muscle power – perfect for citybikes. It provides a variable transmission ratio and electric braking.


In the Go Pedelec Reader H. Neupert talked about upcoming drive systems. Like him I´m convinced one future option for the drives is to integrate muscle and electric power. The pedelec from Dolphin E-Bikes is still one of the best bikes on the market concerning performance. It reacts direct and powerful. Why? It works with a drive system which integrates both kind of power.

Eurobike 2012 – Daily Business?

Known and unknown manufacturers presented their announced news. New Companies like Momentum from Great Briten joined the old bulls. A lot of the news is already pubblished in the relevant media, missing themes will follow in the forthcoming days. My question of interest was:Does the market explode in reality? My personal impression is: no, not yet.

Impressions from the fair:

The range of  applications diversifies and technical developments are coming and great visions were shown. More…