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A great Start into 2013

+++  An openminded, successful, inspiring, and healthy year 2013 for all of us   +++ For my project “e-bikeP23” this year started already great. A friend sent a link to a project from TU Delft: the stable bike

Japanese Cooperation

Beside the fact, that it´s not clear if and when Yamaha plans to realize its prototype shown at the Tokyo Show 2011, it is an fascinating stylish vehicle for me. Yahama produced the first mass production pedelec in 1993 and they are still an important player in the Japanese market with their PAS-pedelecs. Now they […]

Studiing Results

Since 2009 the e-bike boom already accelerated, automotive manufacturers like Volkswagen, Ford, or latest Audi and Opel created eye-catching e-bike studies. A question was always: Will the vehicle reach production? Nearly as often as the question the answer was: „We do not know, but we analyze the possibility.“ Having seen quite a lot fascinating prototypes, […]